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"Reality was now a nightmare I couldn't wake up from."


When a paranormal research team spends the night in the notoriously haunted Smoky Mountain Sanatorium, they imagine it will be like any other investigation. However, when the normal things that go bump in the night turn into screams, with investigators running from things they can't see, they realize it will be nothing like other investigations.  Determined not to let the ghosts of the sanatorium win, they stick together and stay until morning, not leaving until the sun comes up. 
What the team fails to realize is that they might be able to leave the sanatorium, but they'll never really be able to get away. Once the ghosts of Smoky Mountain Sanatorium are awakened, so are your worst fears.


"This novel was simply supposed to be another spooky novella, however, once I started writing, it seemed to spin out of control. Deemed my 'scariest story so far', I'm proud to say this story is finally (almost) ready for publication. Even though it is a young adult novel, the creepy factor makes it an enjoyable read for all ages."

A YA Contemporary Novel — Book Two

In an instant, life can change.
It’s not the actual change that matters, but how we react to it.


Kaden Jones’s life will never be the same. The person he once was died the day his motorcycle crashed into a guardrail and through a fence, leaving him physically and mentally broken. Wanting to die, yet not even capable of killing himself, he feels like there’s no hope; that he’s being forced to live a life he no longer wants to live.


“Why couldn't they just let me die? When they saw how broken I was, why couldn't they just have pity on me and let me go?”


In the midst of his despair, there’s one person who has loved him through it all, and that is Emersyn Moore. No matter how broken Kaden appears, she knows the old Kaden is still there, trapped within a shattered shell of his former self, waiting to be rescued. The problem is, will he let her rescue him? Will he let her in, or did the accident change him so much that he’ll always be right out of her reach?

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What a Deal! I wanted to let you know that my publisher has made my best-selling FOR ALWAYS trilogy available as a box-set & it can be downloaded for only $.99! This is for a limited time only, so make sure you take advantage of it, now, before it goes up. Giveaway! Feels Like Rain happens to be inspired by the For Always series & I'm giving a signed copy away on my Facebook page. If you've not read the FA series, but plan on it, I'd recommend reading the series first, since FLR will definitely give you big-time spoilers to the entire FA series. If you, like me, thrive on knowing what's going to happen, often flipping to the back of books to see who's still there and what's going on, then FLR can be read first or as a standalone. You can find the giveaway HERE!