Giveaways & Winners

As a thank you to my readers,  I like to give things away.

Since I post random giveaways on all my social sites (listed to the left or at bottom of page) & in my newsletter, I wanted to have a central location where I could post all the winners. Not only will this help me keep track of them, but it will also make it easier for everyone to see who won, as well.

I'll also include any big giveaways I may have going on at the bottom of the page, so make sure you scroll down to see if I've got one listed.

Current Giveaways

If there aren't any giveaways listed here, make sure you sign up for my newsletter, where I try to do random giveaways & offer free ebooks exclusively to subscribers. You can find the sign-up form on my 'News & Events' page.



For mobile-friendly rafflecopter giveaways, you can find them HERE.

Recent Winners


Signed copies of "Ricochet" ~ Desiree M. and Heather B.

eBooks of "Ricochet" ~ Christin G., Kathy D., Nicky O., Nancy P., Lea J., Emily D., Amber B., Irma J., Pritomsreeta B., Yevhenii P., Cassandra D., Amber S., Charlotte D., and Catelyn G.


~If you are a winner, please message my FACEBOOK AUTHOR PAGE or email me at with your email (for ebooks) or your address (for signed copies, swag, etc.).

~All winners will be listed for at least a month, and if winners don't contact me within that time, their prize will be returned to the prize vault to be given to someone else.

~All winners will be chosen by's number generator system for fairness.

~I am not responsible for lost or damaged items once shipped.